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This animation take place after KOF XIII.

5 years passed... Ash disappeared by sacrificing himself to kill Saiki when Saiki possessed Ash's body.
All characters found there power.

For an unknown reason, many clones abound, and took the economic control of many city. The "Nets" should be dead. Yet only the "Nets" was able to create clones in this way, as it did in the past with clones of Kyo. Some of our heroes investigate and try to eliminate them, but others live their quiet life, far away from violence. The organization "KAC" (Kill All Clone) was born.

For four years, no one heard of K' and Kula. But the fifth year, K' reappeared and began to kill the clones with extremely violence.
Even the clones cached and interrogated by the "KAC" were destroyed by K', preventing the KAC to continue the investigation.

K' seems to be looking for Kula, but that does not explain why he killed all the clones. Thus he's in the basement of a bar, to find a clone of Rugal for questioning him to find Kula. But Iori appears and brutally kills the Rugal clone ...

Iori found is power too, but The Riot of blood is now extremely powerful because of Ash. He sought a way to stabilize his power, and heard of a demon named "Setsuna" can help him.